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Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Something You Need Know

Water is the necessity of life. This may sound clichéd but it’s a fact. Apart from being made up of 70% water, the average adult human needs to consume 3lts of water every day. With the constant need to upgrade and change our lifestyle for a better and healthier version, we tend to carry at least 2lts of water with us wherever we go. But, the carrier too affects the quality of our well-being.

Stainless steel water bottles are one of the alternatives of toting a plastic bottle. While these bottles have been around for ages, the advent of plastic being a cheaper option available in the market. Yet, with the increasing concern for our health and the environment has made the stainless steel water bottles a trusted alternative.

Are stainless steel water bottles safe to drink from?

You need to know the differences between stainless steel and plastic bottles. We often forget that the bottle plays an important role in preserving the quality of water. Plastic bottles have BPA which is a chemical that have been reported to be harmful for both adults and infants. While glass bottles are another viable option, but they are fragile and it is hard to carry such glass bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles are a better option compared to the former two for durability and reliability. This long lasting feature of stainless steel bottles also has a positive influence on the environment because littering is not feasible (also, we will not be throwing away costly steel bottles as easily as plastic ones). Stainless steel is also healthy and approved by many consumer codes.

Are stainless steel water bottles worth it?

The price of stainless steel water bottles might sound exorbitant but in contrast to the benefits that we reap from it outweighs the price. If we talk about its worth, then highlighting its benefits will help in determining us to decide whether we should invest in steel ones or not.

• Durability is the first factor. When we pay a high price, we first check how long it will last. Stainless steel bottles can last more than 10 years, which is a good investment for you. The shape and design too remains firmer for a longer time as compared to the plastic bottles. You simply cannot crush a steel bottle and chuck it away.

• Since it is durable for a longer time, being sturdy, lightweight and damage proof, it has a positive effect on the environment as we will not be filling up landfills with good steel bottles. Also, steel bottles are recyclable and reusable. Making of the bottles also take lesser energy as compared to manufacturing plastic bottles.

• Many people have noticed the difference, the freshness of clear water can be found in stainless steel water bottles. You can feel some smell from your plastic bottles because storing water in a plastic bottle for a longer period can get affected by germs. But in the case of steel bottles, you could not find such problems and you can keep your water hygienic inside these bottles.

• Water temperature too gets regulated. When you put hot water or cold water in your stainless steel water bottles you can rest assured that the temperature will remain intact for a longer time. Stainless steel bottles are available with insulated coatings and you can use such bottles to keep your water cool during summer.

• BPA has an adverse effect on our health. Scientifically speaking, the hormone estrogen is replicated by this chemical and this similarity causes the chemical to bind with the estrogen receptors that affects body functions like cellular repair and growth, energy levels and storage of energy. These changes, no matter how miniscule, can lead to long term damage of the whole being. Being BPA free, stainless steel bottles causes no such adversities.

• Nothing is more disgusting than smelly mold. And every time you plan to take a sip from your plastic bottles you are greeted with such a mildew smell. Over a short time plastic bottles aid the growth of fungi and bacteria and you cannot even keep your bottles safe by the constant cleaning. Stainless steel has no such qualms. A simple hot water cleanup solves all the dirtiness of these bottles.

Why are stainless steel water bottles better?

Given the above pointers, it can be easily deduced that opting for stainless steel water bottles will definitely be beneficial in the long run. Healthy living is no longer a luxury and it is a necessity. Opting for ecofriendly products is symbiotic. You care for the environment and the environment cares for you.

When we use products that last longer and consume lesser energy, you give the environment a chance to survive and recuperate. The environment in return provides more sustainability and stability to our lifestyle. Apart from that, stainless steel bottles are more stylish and they are available in various sizes.

How long do stainless steel water bottles last?

Many top companies have opted to invest in the manufacturing of stainless steel water bottles and that can give us a fair idea about the benefits of these bottles. When we talk about longevity, steel water bottles overtake plastic ones by 10 years. The flimsy plastic bottles offer nothing more than cheap buys. With proper maintenance, you can get more out of your stainless steel water bottles.

But, you need to choose the best quality stainless steel bottles which will last longer, and you must avoid cheap quality products which are available at low price.

Sustainability and durability are two factors that determine a buy. Consumers will always want to invest in something that will be a good return in the long run. Stainless steel water bottles are not only stylish but they are easier to carry.

Mixing style with health is the latest buzz and nothing walks both the world better than these stainless steel water bottles. Even, you can customize your stainless steel bottles, and emboss your name, captions or logo on these bottles.

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